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The traditional annual press-lunch of the Home Credit Bank management

10 July 2012

The traditional annual press-lunch of the management of Home Credit Bank with leading financial journalists took place in Moscow. By the invitation of the Communications Agency Poleznye Svyazy, the press- lunch was visited by representatives of business mass media of Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don , and St. Petersburg. Last year journalists from Yekaterinburg and Omsk attended the press lunch with the Agency’s support.
The action took place in the format of an Espresso party and was devoted to a decade of activity of HCFB in Russia. Top managers of the Bank shared its success story and presented their innovative strategy for the development of Home Credit Bank — ‘Financial shop’. The program was focused on making bank services simpler and clearer for the consumer. They explained how the bank’s product line had already become more comprehensible as documents were rewritten in a more readily accessible style. According to the top managers of HCFB convenience of choice and availability of information is the key to success for a modern retail bank.