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Vladimir Zverev, CEO In today’s dynamic world of interactive media Public Relations are an integral part of any business. From the launch of a new product on a market; to the positioning of a national company in a remote region; from rebranding to an IPO or attracting new investors, from resolving a crisis at a production facility, to the positioning of a top-manager in a business community, teambuilding, friendly takeovers, settlement of a customer claims — resolution of all these problems require a highlycapable PR support function.

Technological developments enabling real-time information distribution have strengthened the role of social media and Telegram in mass communications. Increased consumer activity nowadays require companies to have a fast response capability, to address changes that may directly or indirectly affect the general public whether it be for consumers, partners, investors, or functionaries.

It is not always possible for a company’s ‘in-house’ PR department to cope with the fast moving, ever- changing and emerging challenges they are faced with for obvious and practical reasons; insufficient man power, inadequate experience, or perhaps a lack of contacts in other regions.

In such cases the specialist skill set of an agent is required to adjust quickly and respond effectively to demands upon a company under the given conditions and budget restrictions.

Current market demand in the field of Public Relations significantly exceeds supply. There is no obvious leader the in the PR market, as clients migrate from one agency to another in search of the best ‘quality of service’ and ‘price/performance’ optimisation.

Furthermore, large companies increasingly prefer to use smaller PR-agencies, often choosing quality of service over a big name. Having worked in the Russian market since 2006, we take a realistic view of our capabilities, not seeking huge profits on the one hand, or a dramatic build-up of customer listings by engaging in a large number of one time small one-off projects on the other hand. Our main goal is in building long-term relationships, based on effective team work and a pricing structure that is appropriate for the clients’ needs. We see this as our primary competitive advantage that enables us to steadily expand our customer portfolio year on year.

Vladimir Zverev,
CEO of the Communications Agency "Poleznye Svyazy".